Multigenerational Families

A lifetime of investing and accumulating wealth presents a unique set of opportunities for you to ensure long-term financial confidence for your family. A comprehensive and personalized financial planning strategy is the key to achieving your multigenerational financial goals.

MacKinstry Financial & Investments, LLC provides in-depth analysis and personalized advice based on your unique needs.  Consideration is given to fostering and maintaining harmonious family relationships, and is viewed as paramount when addressing issues surrounding the distribution of family wealth. We take the time to understand the dynamics of your family, as well as your financial posture, so that we can help you define and pursue your goals. As a result of that experience you should have the resources and expertise to help with all your financial planning needs, which include:

Working with us, you will have the resources and expertise to guide your financial planning needs, including:

  • Wealth management
  • Education funding
  • Wealth protection strategies 
  • Multi-generational wealth transfers
  • Tax reduction strategies

Please contact us when you are in need of multi-generational financial planning.