Our Clients

Our clients are at the crux of our mission.  Regardless of profession, personal passions, or the phase in their lives, MacKinstry Financial & Investments, LLC works to help our clients turn their hard work into a sound financial future.  

If you have met with or engaged the services of a financial professional in the past, but still have questions about your financial future, please contact us for a complimentary and confidential conversation to discuss how we might assist you and your family.  We work to provide you with the confidence you seek for your financial future.  

Our clients include:
  • Retirees
  • Educators
  • Executives and business owners
  • Recently Independent
  • Multi-generational families

For more information on the strategies and services MacKinstry Financial & Investments, LLC provides, please select from the categories below:


Teachers & Administrators

Corporate Executives & Small Business Owners

Life Transitions

Multi-Generational Families