Tracy A. MacKinstry, CFS

Tracy A. MacKinstry, CFS

Financial Consultant

Tracy helps you make smart choices with your money. She is an Economics/Finance graduate of Syracuse University and has also received her paralegal certificate at the University of Hartford. Ms. MacKinstry has been devoted to financial planning for individuals since 1995. Memberships include: FPA (Financial Planning Association), Shoreline Community Women, Inc.,Old Saybrook to chambers of commerce, as well as a member of the Killingworth and Clinton Chambers of Commerce. We can help with the following topics:

  • Life insurance options
  • College savings
  • Retirement planning
  • Expense analysis
  • 401 K/403(b) allocations
  • Traditional & Roth IRAs
  • Teacher Retirement
  • Long-term Care insurance

Individual Confidential Consultations:

Step One: Initial Meeting/Gathering Data - The first meeting is complimentary and involves getting to know you, your family, and your financial concerns.

Step Two: Second Meeting/The Analytics - The data is analyzied and prioritized; recommendations given.

Step Three: Implementation - Making adjustments or additions to your financial picture.

Step Four: On-going Monitoring - 1-2 times per year, or as needed.

Step Five: Being an on-going resource - For you, your family and friends for their financial needs.

We learn about YOU and your financial situation by reviewing your financial statements and getting to know your goals and aspirations. We present an inventory of your retirement and non-retirement assets, and comprehensive asset allocations, go over your expenses, and calculate projections for retirement.

General education on options to fine tune your current situation, i.e., contributing to your 401K and learning how to maximize it if possible and the tax benefits, make sure you are taking advantage of IRA contributions and all retirement accounts. Showing you options based on how much money you will need and what amounts for short-term, medium term, and long-term goals. Education you on the new tax laws.

We continue to develop a plan for you based on your goals and we monitor your long-term projections as needed. We provide on-going review meetings throughout your lives. We can offer any company or product. Our office does not focus on the product until we determine what is needed to help you (and your spouse). We build relationships! We are here as a resource during life planning stages.

Our Service Provider Network list will assist you in many areas outside of our own areas of expertise, including mortgage lenders for refinancing opportunities. Attorneys who specialize in estate planning, and Accountants.

KIDS & Investing: Available for teachers and parents for their children and students to use it as a tool and a guide when educating children about money.

Our Mission:

We pride ourselves on being good listeners, being generous with our time, and achieving understanding and a comfort level for our clients when helping them make smart decisions with their money. Our mission is to provide a detailed and thorough service to assist you in creating a complete financial plan for your future by looking at the entire picture. This results in enabling you to spend time doing what you do best and what makes you happy in your lives with your friends, family, career and interests.